Now you can get access to top quality community management.

Now you can get access to top quality community management.

TL;DR: Community Guru is an AI-driven assistant for community managers and founders, offering personalized recommendations via Discord to enhance engagement and decision-making. It successfully helped a crypto trading YouTuber expand his reach by focusing on advanced content and exploring new platforms, demonstrating its potential for diverse community applications, with further case studies to explore its impact on various community types and stages.

We are excited to present Community Guru, our most recent invention—a ground-breaking AI-powered helper created especially for community managers and founders. This state-of-the-art tool examines member interactions and key performance indicators (KPIs) in your community to deliver personalized action recommendations. Asking follow-up questions, having meaningful conversations, and getting advice are all as easy with Community Guru as they are with Discord. 

The Inspiration Behind Community Guru

The best managers in the ever-changing field of community management are those who are incessantly connected, full of creative ideas, and skilled at proactive problem-solving. But for many smaller areas, such skill is unattainable due to its rarity and frequently great cost. A recurring theme emerged from our interviews with leading community managers: they view their communities' unwavering pursuit of excellence as both a privilege and a responsibility. They stated that they needed a "fresh set of eyes" to offer fresh viewpoints, vouch for gut feelings, and stimulate original thinking.

Furthermore, many founders feel disconnected from their communities, primarily due to their limited presence on platforms like Discord. This detachment can hinder their willingness to invest in their communities. Community Guru bridges this gap by offering a direct line of communication with community members, eliminating the constant reliance on other members for updates and insights.

Empowering Founders and Operators

Our goal for Community Guru is to make excellent community management more widely available so that even the smallest groups can thrive. We hope to make everyone a community enthusiast by encouraging direct connections between the core staff and their community members. Because we think that not only does a better community make its members happier, but it also aids companies in designing better products, implementing better marketing plans, and making operational decisions.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Insights:  Get tailored advice based on the interactions and your community KPI.
  • Interactive Interface: Easily communicate with Community Guru via chat.
  • Empowered Decision-Making: Use insights produced by AI to make well-informed choices that are in line with the goals and needs of your community.

Start in less than 1 second?

Just type in /community-guru and enter the date range for the server activities

That’s it. 

Case study: Help Bennett to expand beyond 


Our client, Bennett Stein, a seasoned YouTuber specializing in advanced crypto trading strategies with his famous Bitcoin Trading Challenge channel, reached a pivotal moment in his career. With five years of content creation under his belt and a year of successful community monetization, Bennett faced the strategic dilemma of how to further expand and diversify his reach and engagement. The questions at hand included whether to maintain a singular focus on YouTube, explore other social media platforms, host IRL events, and how to balance content for his beginner audience against the needs of his professional, loyal subscriber base. You can check out Bennett’s discord here

Here is how our community guru helped him. 

First, our community guru analyzes data from a set of previously configured channels.

Once we finish analyzing the activities, we send a report covering all aspects of Bennett’s community. This report serves as a conversation beginner and gives him some inspiration on how to dive deeper: 

One of our concerns is whether to spend money creating content for Bennett’s members who are just starting out or keep helping the more experienced traders:

Ask our bot for historical data patterns to see how our community guru arrived at this conclusion. 

It appears that Bennett ought to keep emphasizing sophisticated traders. We then want to know if, in light of the shift in community focus, Bennett needs to modify the cost of his membership. (IRL, he recently updated his community pricing methods and promptly saw a 25%+ spike in revenue with our guru's assistance). 

So, how do we get more of these advanced members outside of YouTube? Note that we can always ask our guru to infer members' characteristics based on their past chat activities. 

Looks like Twitter/X is a good idea. This is quite a new concept for Bennett. How should he start if he is interested?

It looks like one potential idea is to bucket and recategorize his content. Do more in-depth technical training and live events on Discord, but keep the real-time analysis for the Twitter platform. Once Bennett gets the content rolling, we can ask our community guru how to use the discord communities to jumpstart Twitter. 

It's interesting to note that, despite the fact that the IRL space has evolved significantly, our community guru detests the concept of an IRL event since she believes it will require a significant amount of time and work. After talking about it with Bennett,  we advise him to give it a shot. Our guru is here to offer advice, but the real work is always done by combining IRL practice with the CM's or founder's gut feeling for his community. 

In conclusion, our collaboration with Bennett who trades cryptocurrencies shows how Community Guru can transform community participation with AI-driven insights, opening up new content opportunities and growing audiences. As each community has unique needs at different phases of growth, we are eager to adapt Community Guru to a wider spectrum of communities, from larger and established to nascent and web3-focused groups. This case study is just the beginning. Future case studies that we will present will highlight even more of Community Guru's adaptable uses for improving community involvement in a range of settings.