Part 2: Building Vibrant Virtual Communities with Amber Atherton: Lessons 7-11

Part 2: Building Vibrant Virtual Communities with Amber Atherton: Lessons 7-11

Amber Atherton Unveils: Crafting Engaging Virtual Communities - Tips 1-6 [Part 1]

TL;DR: Journey through the latter insights of Amber Atherton's guidebook, touching on authenticity, the magic of listening, self-expression, niche interests, and the gift of education.

7. Authenticity is Key

Imagine a regular at a local book club. For years, an enthusiastic youngster coordinated the club's activities. One day, a stranger appeared, claiming to lead the club. The dissonance felt is a reminder of Alexis Ohanian's perspective on community: Authenticity and genuine interactions form the heart of trust. Members need to feel connected to those leading them. This is also why community managers and moderators play a crucial role. Another great area to show authenticity is in the announcement channel. Most social media platforms only show successful stories. Discord is anti-social media. It is an intimate place where you can share the journey, whether success or challenges.

8. Listen and Evolve

Sarah felt unheard in many communities, her suggestions were overlooked. But then she joined a platform where her feedback led to tangible changes. Jason Citron's ethos revolves around this principle: evolve based on what your community tells you. Recognizing and implementing user-suggested features can transform members into loyal advocates. As a community manager, there are real, tangible ideas that you can do. For example, opening a suggestion/feedback channel to get your members to participate in product decisions. While members won't assume that you will take all the ideas, give a personal shoutout by tagging the users in the announcement channel if your team decide to use your members' idea.

9. Self-Expression and Customization

Tom loved online games but often felt a part of the crowd. When given the tools to customize his profile, his connection to the game deepened. Jason Citron's observations underscore this sentiment. Communities that allow personal expression see members forming deeper attachments, giving them a unique voice and identity. Right now, you might have noticed that the majority of Discord revenue comes from Nitro, which offers users the ability to have super reaction and transport emotes across servers, a hallmark of self-expression.

10. Niche Interests and Conversations

Alyssa, a fan of vintage cameras, never quite found her tribe. That was until she stumbled upon a niche community for vintage camera enthusiasts. Trevor McFedries' insight shines here. Catering to specific interests ensures lively, relatable, and engaging discussions, making members feel seen and valued.

11. Educational Opportunities

Mike, an aspiring guitarist, not only found like-minded enthusiasts in his community but also access to workshops, webinars, and resources. Drawing from Cherir Hu's perspective, integrating avenues for learning can elevate a community from being just a gathering point to a hub for growth and development. In fact, communityone has worked with many creators who provide precious educational content to help their fans. Discord live events are a great avenue to go through the educational content together.


The concluding lessons from Amber Atherton's "The Rise of Virtual Community" reveal the intricate nuances of community management. Every strategy, from authenticity to education, contributes to creating a holistic, immersive community experience.