4 Strategies to Amplify Discord User Growth [Social Media Edition]

4 Strategies to Amplify Discord User Growth [Social Media Edition]

Marketing is an important part of any NFT projects. Some of the most common paid NFT marketing strategies include ads, paid collaborations and paid promos with influencers. A lot of project owners currently rely on vanity metrics such as number of new users (easily “fakable” with little cost) to determine whether to continue their 10k+ marketing campaign. Until much later, they realize that the campaign is not effective in increasing real engaged discord users.

To help you make better investment decisions on marketing, CommunityOne is introducing our newest feature: Bot logs. In the tab, we’ve systematically parsed through log data provided by commonly used discord bots (wick, invite tracker and mee-bot) and analyze the quality of both accounts and users on a daily basis to help you make rapid decisions.

Headline number

First, we look at the number of leaves and joins on a given day. This gives you the absolute number of new users coming in. For a pre-mint project, we are looking for an increasing number of new joins and a stable leave ratio. If your server has an abnormally high leave ratio for a particular day, this could potentially means that someone has implanted fake accounts into your server and worth further investigations.

In the chart above, on April 7, the server experienced abnormally high leave ratio with new users coming in. There is a possibilities that the server is getting unwillingly raided by third parties.

But headline number can be faked, they can be bots.

CommunityOne looks over a variety of different factors and calculates Account Quality Score to measure the likelihood of any account to be a real potential buyer. The list of factors that we look at includes: percentage of verified accounts, percentage of accounts with custom avatars, percentage of “old-age” accounts etc etc. The perfect quality score will be 1, which means that it passes all of our test.

Account quality should be above 0.8. If you have a really low score, it could means that you are getting raided by bots or by very low quality paid users. For example, on April 7, the account quality score was unusually low, further increasing the likelihood that the server was being raided

For all the real users, make sure you wow them with a great initial experience.

We use New User Engagement Score to calculate the how you are converting your users to potential buyers. New user engagement score includes a list of indicators to measure new user onboarding experience: (1) percentage of users chatted (2) word per message (as a proxy for quality) (3) Average new messages sent by the users.

We design this score to be something that the community manager can work to optimize on a daily basis.

First, the community manager can work with mods to increase percentage of verified users that chat by greeting them and welcoming them to the server, trying to start a conversation for some personal bonding.

New user words per message can also be improved. The mods can try to initiate interesting conversations and get the new members involved in a meaningful conversations. However, if you’ve tried everything and still not able to improve this indicator, this could mean that you are getting members that might not speak english to begin with.

In addition to the new charts above, we also provide long-term metrics such as retention regarding engagement and retention regarding server leaves, introduced in previous bot updates. These metrics will determine if your discord community management team is taking proper timely actions to preserve your community member until the day of the mint.

Check out more features of our analytical dashboard here.