How to grow your Discord server? Learn how we tripled our growth in 4 days (Part 1)

How to grow your Discord server? Learn how we tripled our growth in 4 days (Part 1)

We recently partnered with Discadia, one of the world's largest Discord server listing platforms, to supercharge our server growth. The results? We tripled our Discord members in just four days! This multi-part blog series will delve into the strategies, analytics, and key takeaways from this successful campaign.

About Discadia and Our Approach

Discadia is one of the largest discord server listing sites. It boasts a massive user base of Discord enthusiasts actively seeking new Discord server to join. Unlike traditional paid ads, we opted for a high-impact private placement ad. Typically Discadia rank servers based on topics, but with private placement ads, we are always the no.1 across all channel categories. This strategic placement ensured maximum exposure to our target audience. During the entire campaign, we also use a special server invite link and our analytics to keep track of growth stats.

Traditionally, our Discord server primarily focused on providing support for our discord bots. However, we recognized the need to foster a more engaging environment. To get our existing members and future users more engaging, we transitioned to a semi-social model, offering a space for Discord users of all levels to connect, seek advice on how to grow discord server, and discuss all things Discord bots related. Whether it's troubleshooting technical issues for other servers, optimizing bot installations, or seeking tips on building healthy community, our discord server became a hub for community members to collaboratively learn and grow.

Targeting the Right Engaged Members

Our ideal members are small to medium-sized discord server owner seeking new community engagement ideas and support. We anticipated that server owners would be particularly interested in our AI-powered discord bots and resources designed to streamline discord server management and keep community engaged.

Preparation is Key to Grow Your Discord Server

We knew that a surge in new members required a robust infrastructure to ensure a positive onboarding experience. First, we noticed that there were too many channels. We used our analytics to remove some of the repetitive ones. Before we started to host welcome event, we revamped our verification process with Wick discord bot, streamlining entry for genuine users while deterring bots. Most importantly, we expanded our moderation team, enabling 24/7 coverage throughout the campaign to provide immediate support and foster a welcoming atmosphere for interested users. Having 24/7 moderators also mean that we can get members settle as soon as they join our discord server during the initial couple minutes

Exceeding Expectations: The Power of Targeted Marketing

We were cautiously optimistic about the campaign's potential. Based on other discord servers experiences with Discadia, we expect to have 200-500 new members daily. However, given our server's topic and niche focus on server owners (estimated at 3% of Discadia users), we anticipated a more modest growth of fewer than 100 new members per day. The actual results far exceeded our expectations, showcasing the power of listing sites.

Results: A Numbers Game

Headline Growth: Our Discord server tripled in size, member count skyrocketing from 1,000 to 3,000 members in just four days.

Quality Over Quantity: Unlike many Web3 marketing campaigns plagued by bot activity, our discord server growth remained organic, with only around 30% identified as bots.

Consistent Engagement: We observed a steady influx of approximately 425 new members joining our Discord server daily, highlighting Discadia's significant user traffic and our ad's effectiveness.

Beyond the Numbers: Meaningful Engagement

You can find a list of growth related Discord KPIs here.

Active Participation: Around 25 discord members actively engaged in conversations daily, representing a healthy 6% engagement rate among new joiners in our discord community. There is also usually a tight knit group of members showing up to discuss daily news and cool discoveries.

Sustained Interaction: With an average of 4 messages per active user, we successfully maintained engagement levels once conversations began.

Quality Conversations: Our average message length consistently exceeded 5.5 words, often reaching 10 or more. Despite growing into larger servers, this indicates that our discord community fosters meaningful interactions and in-depth discussions.

Building a Loyal Following: A significant number of new members returned multiple times throughout the week, at least a few members find their perfect community.

Cost-Effective Growth and Long-Term Value

Over the six-day campaign, we gained at least 1,785 new users with a total marketing cost of $857, resulting in a cost per new user of roughly $0.50. Considering the 6% actively engaging, that translates to 110 potential "super fans." Data from our NFT launch phase indicates that super fans spend an average of $300 or more. If we were to launch a token today, the potential revenue generated from these highly engaged users could reach $33,000, indicating the incredible long-term value of cultivating a thriving community.

Stay Tuned for Part 2

This is just the beginning of our Discadia campaign analysis. In Part 2, we'll delve deeper into specific engagement strategies, moderation techniques, and what surprising findings and learnings through this campaign.