Tracking Discord Mod Performance: 6 Essential Metrics [Mod Growth Series Part 5]

Tracking Discord Mod Performance: 6 Essential Metrics  [Mod Growth Series Part 5]

In the past, we have had clients experience internal dilemmas when it comes to the idea of measuring their moderators’ performance. They often say that it doesn’t feel right to measure the performance of someone that is deeply entrusted and rooted in the team. This mindset is certainly logical because project managers, mods, and everyone involved in an NFT project often grow to have strong bonds and friendships. They may feel like they are reducing a respected associate to graphs and numbers.

These misconceptions about measuring performance are a hindrance to the mod community and the project as a whole. The reality is that measuring performance can have stellar outcomes. By utilizing the data properly, project founders can help make a positive impact on their mods’ lives and ensure that their operations are running most efficiently.

Here are some insights we have on tracking moderator performance:

(1) The best mods are always looking for ways to improve. When mods adopt the habit of regularly tracking their performance, they will recognize their strengths and weaknesses and be able to make personal adjustments to their conduct. Community managers can also review their mods’ performance from time to time and provide them with more specific feedback.

On our Mod Performance Dashboard, we provide a score encompassing mods’ ability to handle tickets and engage with users. This is one way that standout mods can ensure that they continuously go above and beyond to fulfill their duties.

(2) We all want to recognize and properly honor the highest-performing members of a team. It is crucial to utilize a fair system where each individual’s performance can be seen through a completely untainted, unbiased lens. By utilizing data analytics such as our mod performance dashboard, community managers can identify the mods that are the most productive during their shifts by looking at metrics such as tickets handled, chat user interactivity, and more. While the primary goal of any healthy server is to reward the best team member, the consequence is that underperforming members will also be identified.

One of the many things we track on the Mod Performance Dashboard is “Average words per message.” By using this data, a community manager would easily be able to recognize the mods who are trying their best to engage the community in conversations. It is also very evident that the fourth-to-last mod on this graph is seriously underperforming compared to its counterparts. The community manager could use this data to decide who to reward and demote.

(3) When a project is coming to an end, it is a bittersweet occurrence. Many project founders love their mods and naturally want to assist them in finding their next job. Something that managers can do is provide positive testimonials or recommendations. To truly impact potential employers, managers who use the mod performance dashboard can provide hard stats to vouch for their mods. Saying something along the lines of: “This mod handled 90% of all server tickets within 10 mins during the past month” or “This mod have welcomed 100% of new users and get those new users to chat an average of at least four times” has a much stronger impact than soft facts, such as: “This mod has a lot of passion and a good attitude.” A great benefit of measuring performance through the dashboard is that mods’ achievements can be recorded and shared. Think of it like being able to see an athlete’s stats on a roster.

On our Mod Marketplace, you can view mods’ stats before deciding if you want them to join your team. Based of this particular mod’s marketplace profile, it is evident that she would be an asset to any server.

If you are ready to continue to work with your mods and build a top-tier team, check out our analytics to see how to get started: