Part 5: Zealy/Galxe quest ideas to increase Discord engagement

Part 5: Zealy/Galxe quest ideas to increase Discord engagement

In part 4, we've gone over which quest platforms are most suitable for which purpose. You can read here if you miss it.

We will discuss basic quest categories and share some great ideas on how to increase genuine Discord engagement rate

After a successful quest campaign, many founders face the challenge of keeping the engagement rate high and ensuring that members are active and involved. We notice that if you have the right quest challenges and engage your users before more airdrops and rewards, you can significantly increase conversion and educate your members.

In this post, you will learn about different quest ideas that can be implemented on your Zealy or Galxe quest platforms to increase your Discord engagement rate. We will delve into different categories of quests, how to lock and unlock tasks effectively, and how to progressively make the game more challenging to keep your new users engaged.

Recap: Run Zealy/Galxe campaigns for your airdrops

Here is what we've learned from the past researches:

  • You should airdrop a combination of your tokens and USDT. Such a combination can lower your CAC by 25%.
  • You should aim for CAC at around $0.6, while medium CAC is around $1.8. This means that when you start, do smaller campaigners and airdrops more frequently.
  • Use a discord data analytics tool to keep track of fake accounts and bots to find the right CAC.
  • Finally, in terms of pricing, most platforms are free unless you want to export users' account information, including their socials and wallet, for airdrops.

Basic Elements of Quests

There are several elements that you can include in your quests.

  • Onboarding: This involves asking users to connect with socials like Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and even wallet addresses.
  • Twitter Engagement: This could include retweeting and liking posts or changing profile pictures.
  • Discord Categories: This revolves around the level of chats and the roles that users should get.
  • Invite Competition: Encourage users to invite more members to Discord, Zealy, or Telegram.
  • Engagement Category: These are harder tasks requiring users to put in much effort.
  • Quiz Category: This involves asking members questions about the projects.

Leveraging Task Locking

Many quest platforms allow you to lock tasks based on certain conditions. This can be a powerful tool for guiding users through a series of tasks and motivating them to complete all of them.

There are two kinds of locking mechanisms. The first type is task-based. You have to finish X number of tasks before being able to do the rest. The Second is role-based. This can be based on your Discord role or the type of digital assets (tokens, NFTs) that you own in your wallet.

For instance, one of the project's airdrop campaigns locks all tasks except for inviting one friend to Zealy. This strategy has proven to yield 12x better results in some cases. Other examples are obvious: all staking rewards and holder airdrop benefits are locked unless you connect and verify your wallet address with the project chain.

Making the Quest Platform a Read-Only Platform

You can use your quest platform as a read-only platform where important information is presented in smaller, digestible pieces to bring awareness to the latest development. Members can read this information and claim XP points, guiding them step-by-step through the most important information.

They tend to be the first couple tasks that a new user would see as soon as they join the community and just start to explore how to participate in the token rewards. In terms of the content that you should put on the tasks: (a) crypto airdrops related information: how to participate, how much rewards, how long is the quest etc (b) certain tasks that you want to encourage your community to do.

Progressive Difficulty

It's important to progressively make the games harder. A new user's journey to airdrop rewards should start with connect with all your socials. Then you can ask members to go through your website, gitbook or protocol whitepaper and complete many quiz to gain a good understanding of the project. Only when they gained enough XP points as "proof of knowledge", then, they can earn the right to do quests like writing a Medium blog.

Encouraging Daily Engagement

Many projects have both daily and weekly XP claims. All a member has to do is visit the Galxe or Zealy page to claim it. This is a great way to create the habit of coming back every day -- aka grinding for airdrops.

However, you can design better tasks than passive claims. For example, ask them to claim the XP on Discord or chat with another community member daily. You can announce a surprise bounty airdrop by asking members to do a challenge task that will expire by the end of the day. If you encourage the right user behavior, you should see it in our analytics data that your Discord engagement activities should pick up gradually.

Twitter Category

You can leverage Twitter in interesting ways in addition to simple like and retweet.For example, you can ask your members to reply to KOL's tweet in the form of a raid. Another common type of contents to retweet are ongoing quests and airdrops.

Or ask your community to follow your fellow community members. This itself can be a reward for your community members. For example, you can set a special role inside your community where the criterions are (a) if you are a holder (b) you support and respond to other holders whenever they have questions (c) You are on the leaderboard x weeks straight.Once a member reaches this role, the reward could be the quest bounty.

The Superuser Category

This category is usually locked and involves getting your superfans to create quality content for your social media. This can include writing articles about the project, tweeting in threads about your ecosystem's apps development, contacting KOLs to promote your project, collaborating with other communities, creating videos, hosting Twitter spaces, and even hosting IRL events (while you might not get millions of data impression, IRL events are the best way to connect and increase retention with the added bonus of no bots guaranteed!)

Email Communication

Offer something nice, such as exclusive access, early token airdrops alert or discounts in exchange for users signing up for your newsletter. Email is still the best way to communicate outside of the social media platforms.

Next Steps

Now that you have a range of quest ideas to increase your Discord engagement rate, it's time to implement them. Start by analyzing your community and determining which quests would be most engaging for them. Remember, the goal is not just to increase engagement but also to provide value to your community members. So, choose your quests wisely and watch your Discord engagement rate soar!