Part 4: The ultimate guide to lower your Zealy CAC by 12x

Part 4: The ultimate guide to lower your Zealy CAC by 12x

Part 3: Zealy vs Galxe vs Wonderverse

Lowering your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and getting these users into your discord server is critical to any web3 marketing strategy. While Zealy sounds like a great idea as a top-funnel growth channel, on average, you will find yourself struggling to Zealy campaign and battle with a CAC north of $1 per user. This post will guide you through practical tips and action points that can significantly lower your Zealy CAC by up to 12 times (for communityone members only).

After digging through the macro data related to campaign performance, we highlighted 20 Zealy campaigns with extremely low or high CAC cost as cast studies for further research. We looked over how they integrate with the rest of their social media, how they run campaigns and many other factors. If you'd like to see the complete raw data and browse the entire report, head to our Dashboard and find all information under “exclusive resource”.

In this post, you will learn:

  • The optimal number of Zealy quests to ask users to do
  • How to effectively announce your campaigns across Discord and Twitter
  • The impact of reward size on user participation
  • The importance of marketing and community size (both discord and twitter)
  • The type of quests that generate the most engagement
  • The power of the 'invite a friend' task

Does bigger rewards automatically guarantee more participation in your community?

One might think that the bigger the rewards, the more people will join in. However, our case studies have shown that this is not true. Many smaller, more legit (USDT) only programs don't see a lot of traffic at all. This shows that many people are not using Zealy as a discovery platform but are usually directed to the site from a particular source. We notice that there are so many smaller projects with higher rewards that have little participation, it might be a great idea for a community to set up a special discord channel to alert both new and existing members for such opportunities!

The key to a successful Zealy campaign is not just the size of the reward, but effective marketing and a substantial community size (either from your Discord server or your twitter). Zealy only picks up when you have more than 1,000 participants in an extremely short amount of time. For any campaigns, you'll need to rely heavily on Twitter and a Discord server to boost it.

Keep doing marketing on your Twitter and Discord server

Marketing your event on both Twitter and your Discord channel is crucial. While almost all projects make twice the announcements on Twitter, our data shows that Discord makes a significant difference. Successful projects mention Zealy 5x more on Discord compared to their counterparts.

You should make on average about 2-3 posts from your official twitter accounts. This includes one for pre-launch, one for official launch and one for midway status check in. On average, you should aim for more than 1.5k impressions post post. For Discord, we notice that communities would talk about Zealy almost on a weekly basis in a successful Zealy sprint.

One interesting thing we notice is that the tighter the integration between Discord and Zealy, the more engaged people are. One idea is to actually add a separate discord channel called Quest where members can get alerts about the latest quest

Should you pay for Zealy listing?

Zealy offers premium version where it advertises your ongoing sprints. Another premium feature is that it allows you to get all your community members data (wallet, Discord name, twitter handle etc). For the latter, you could simply copy and paste. With some data cleaning, you can get your own participant data for free. Before advertising on Zealy, here are some addition points that you should prioritize:

  • Twitter collaboration: find good projects to collaborate will yield the best result because you have a higher chance of getting human vs bots.
  • Get your Discord server setup right: Use good discord bots such as Wick to strengthen your verification system in order to prevent bot account. Getting a good security audit to take a look at your discord setup can significantly lower the risk of hacking and discord bot raiding

The Optimal Number of Tasks

There is a noticeable difference in the number of tasks set by successful campaigns versus unsuccessful ones. The successful ones set about 20 tasks (with a median of 17) while the other groups set about 90 tasks. The biggest difference comes with Twitter tasks. Avoid overwhelming your participants by asking them to like all your Twitter content.

Two category of quests

While in general, you can categorize your tasks into 2 chunks. One is onboarding, where you ask new zealy members to connect their account with all of your socials (discord, twitter and even Youtube). Another is UCG where you ask users to like, subscribe and leave comments across your social media accounts. Depending on how close the leaderboard scores are, you can then be creative and add more categories on a weekly basis. For example, a time-limited mini sprint of fan art or meme competition inside your Discord for extra hundreds of points. Don't overwhelm new users at the very beginning with these more complicated tasks.

The Magic trick to 12x your participation rate.

In the case study of one project, we've noticed an astonishing 12% of new Zealy members are following their twitter, vs an average of about 1%. The secret of galvanizing all these crypto airdrop seekers? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

There are many other campaigns that will include tasks such as inviting your friends. What makes Big Mike stand out is (a) XXXXXXXXXXX (b)XXXXXXXXXXX

If you'd like to uncover the secret, go to our dashboard and find the full report under “Exclusive Resource”

The Good Old Fashioned "Invite Your Friends" to your Discord server

Many communities have a Zealy quest for the 'invite your friends' task. If you are one of the communities using them, consider installing our CommunityOne bot to detect bot accounts, specifically on Discord. This way, you can reward users based on the quality of their invitees and their engagement with the community, not just the number of (bot) accounts they bring in.

In terms of the optimal numbers, we notice that a good discord user will typically be able to make 3 high quality referral. If you want to divide your tasks, make sure to have a quest for 1 and 3 users before setting up quests for 10 users. The harder the tasks, the more bot you will get.

Other Interesting Zealy Quest Ideas

In addition to giving rewards based on the leaderboard, we've seen one project allocate special rewards for the most contributed members nominated by the team. You can combine this with our bot analytics feature to find the most valuable user, even if they might not be the one spending the most time grinding. It sends a message to the members that winning the leaderboards is not by chance, and that if they truly contribute, they will have a chance to win rewards and be heard. This encourages genuine interactions and helps lower your CAC.

Zealy: CONS

Let's talk about some of the disadvantages of Zealy. Because most users would use Zealy to find crypto airdrops, your audience is likely to be web3-focused groups. In addition, Zealy as a standalone platform doesn't have much incentive to keep your users on your Discord server. For example, when the Zealy discord bot alerts users of new quest, it directs traffic out of your discord server to go to their website.

Next step

Now that you have these insights, it's time to get your hands dirty and try one of the campaigns. Remember, the key to lowering your CAC is not just about offering bigger rewards, but also about effective marketing, setting an optimal number of tasks, using moderation and encouraging genuine interactions among your users. Don't be afraid to experiment with different strategies and always keep an eye on your analytics to understand what works best for your community.

Now that you are ready for games to start, how do you choose which quest platforms to use? We've discussed quite a bit about , but many of you have heard about Galxe, and perhaps wonderverse.

Part 5: Zealy/Galxe quest ideas to increase Discord engagement