Advanced Strategies for Sustained Discord Community Growth: From Cross-Collaboration to Reddit

Advanced Strategies for Sustained Discord Community Growth: From Cross-Collaboration to Reddit

Part 1:How to grow on Discord - A Comprehensive Guide


Explore advanced growth tactics for your Discord server, including collaborating with similar communities and leveraging external platforms like Reddit. Learn the importance of maintaining a high-quality member base as you expand, and discover how to navigate the challenges of growth effectively.

In the first part of this series, we explored foundational strategies for growing your Discord community, such as identifying your niche and hosting engaging events. Now, let's elevate your growth tactics by considering native and external methods to expand your Discord server's reach. From cross-collaborations to leveraging platforms like Reddit, this second installment will guide you through more advanced techniques to sustain your community's growth.

Discord cross collaboration

The second native way to bolster your Discord server's growth is through collaborations with other like-minded communities. Cross-promotion can be an incredibly effective method for expanding your reach. You can identify these potential partner communities by browsing server listing sites where you've also listed your own server. Look for servers that align with your theme or focus, as their members are more likely to be interested in what your community has to offer.

Reaching out for a collaboration can be as simple as sending a message to the server owner to propose a mutual promotion. The idea is to introduce your community to theirs, and vice versa, through shoutouts, pinned messages, or even co-hosted events. This way, both communities gain exposure to new, relevant audiences without compromising the integrity or focus of their own server. It's a win-win situation that can lead to sustained growth for both parties.

If collaborating with other communities isn't feasible for you, then double down on listing your server on directories like Disboard or This is generally a one-time effort that can result in consistent traffic over time. However, don't just set it and forget it; periodically revisit your listing to update it with fresh information and images to keep it appealing. While collaborations can yield variable results and may require more time and coordination, listing your server is a more straightforward, dependable way to grow your membership.

Drawdown of growing on Discord

One significant challenge in growing a Discord server is that you often can't control the quality of incoming members, especially when you're attracting them through public listings or large-scale collaborations. New members might join out of curiosity but may not initially be invested in the community or understand its norms. This is where having an established, high-quality member base can be invaluable.

Your existing community can serve as role models for new members, guiding them on how to interact and what to expect. It's also essential to have clear rules and guidelines in place, along with active moderation, to ensure that the community retains its intended atmosphere. By doing so, you not only maintain the quality of interactions but also help educate newcomers, transforming them into engaged, valuable members over time.

Growth outside of Discord

One of the most effective platforms for growing your Discord server outside of native methods is Reddit. This platform is a hub for various interest groups and offers a fertile ground for finding individuals who may be interested in joining your Discord community. If your server is theme-driven, like focused on a particular game or hobby, Reddit can be a goldmine for potential high-quality members.

However, it's crucial to approach Reddit promotion with caution. Many subreddits have strict rules against self-promotion, so make sure to read and understand the guidelines of each subreddit where you consider posting. The key to successful promotion on Reddit is not just to drop a link and leave, but to become an active, contributing member of relevant subreddits. This organic engagement can lead to genuine interest, directing more people to your Discord server without breaking any rules.

If you have a product or service, focusing on growth channels like Reddit and other social media platforms like TikTok can be a strategic first step before diving into Discord growth. These platforms often have larger audiences and can act as a funnel, directing people to your Discord server once they're interested in what you have to offer. By establishing a strong presence on these platforms first, you can ensure that the members joining your Discord community are already invested in your product or theme, leading to a more engaged and high-quality membership.

Growing a Discord community is not a one-time effort but a continual process that involves thoughtful strategy and engagement. Whether you opt for native methods like cross-collaboration and server directories or look outward to platforms like Reddit, the key is to be proactive and adaptive. Remember, your existing high-quality members play an invaluable role in maintaining the community's integrity as it expands. Implementing a mix of these advanced strategies can set your Discord server on a path of sustained, meaningful growth.