Invest in the Most Underrated Discord Growth Engine: Our Real-World Experience

Invest in the Most Underrated Discord Growth Engine: Our Real-World Experience

Part 1:Should You Spend Money to Grow Your Discord? Exploring Paid Advertising on Discord Listing Sites


  • Discord listing sites can be effective for growing your server, but the best platform depends on your target audience and budget.
  • Disboard is great for discovery but requires manual bumping.
  • is best for bot developers but not as effective for server discovery.
  • is the most expensive option and not worth the price.
  • Disforge is good for niche communities and has affordable automatic bumps.
  • Discadia has high traffic potential and affordable sponsorship options but requires manual bumping.
  • For CommunityOne, paid advertising may not be the best strategy, but Discadia and Disforge are great options for AI-focused servers.

In our previous blog, we explored the theoretical aspects of using Discord listing sites to grow your server. We discussed the pros and cons, analyzed their effectiveness for different audiences, and highlighted some alternative strategies. Now, it's time to delve into the practical realm and share our firsthand experiences listing our servers on the four major platforms:, Disboard, Disforge, Discords and Discadia

In this blog, we'll pull back the curtain and reveal the insider information, hidden costs, and valuable lessons we learned along the way. We'll dissect the unique features of each platform, compare their pricing models, and share real-world data on the results we achieved. Whether you're a seasoned server owner or just starting your journey, our insights will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about using listing sites for your own server's growth.

Deep Dive into Disboard: Unpacking the Discovery Giant

Our exploration of Discord listing sites begins with Disboard, a platform renowned for its exceptional discovery capabilities. Boasting over 3 million impressions per month, Disboard offers a unique approach to server promotion. Unlike other platforms with paid advertising systems, Disboard relies on a "bumping" mechanism. Servers can be bumped every two hours, increasing their visibility and attracting potential members. This system ensures fairness and prevents manipulation, as only one person can bump a server at a time, and multiple server bumps are prohibited. Notably, Disboard lacks premium features and hacks, further emphasizing its commitment to a level playing field for all servers.

During our month-long experiment with Disboard, we observed a steady stream of new members with occasional bumps. While maintaining a high position requires consistent effort, the results are promising. Our initial test of bumping for a single day yielded three new members, demonstrating the platform's potential for attracting engaged users.

However, Disboard's reliance on manual bumping presents a challenge. While automated bumping solutions are prohibited, finding a sustainable and efficient way to encourage members to participate remains a hurdle.

Despite this, Disboard emerges as a powerful tool for server discovery. Its organic approach fosters trust and authenticity, attracting genuine users interested in your community. While effort is required to maintain visibility, Disboard's impressive traffic volume and emphasis on community engagement make it a highly effective platform for server growth. A Giant for Bots, Less So for Servers

Next, we turn to, a behemoth in the Discord bot world. With over 1.8 million visitors per month, it boasts the largest user base among listing sites. is renowned for its intuitive user interface and excellent support, making it a popular choice for bot developers. However, its strengths are not as readily applicable to server discovery. ranks servers primarily based on their size, placing established communities at the top and making it difficult for newer servers to gain traction. This can be discouraging for small server owners seeking to attract new members.

While presents a valuable platform for bot developers looking to reach a large audience, its ranking system and focus on large communities make it less effective for server discovery. In the next section, we'll explore Disforge, a platform that caters specifically to the needs of server owners seeking targeted growth.

Discords: Exorbitant Price, Disappointing Results

Moving on, we delved into Discords, a platform promising exceptional server promotion. However, its initial allure quickly faded upon closer inspection. Despite boasting a modest organic traffic of around 200,000 visitors per month, carries the dubious distinction of being the most expensive listing site we encountered. Its premium feature, a featured position on the front page, costs a staggering $30 per month. While the visual prominence of this placement is undeniable, our experience yielded just one new member, a dismal return on investment.

Considering the limited reach and lackluster results, fails to justify its exorbitant price tag. For server owners seeking to maximize their return on investment, alternative platforms offering better value and effectiveness are readily available. In the next segment, we'll explore Discadia, a platform catering to specific niche communities and offering a unique set of features.

Disforge: Niche Focus and Automatic Bumps

Our next stop in this exploration takes us to Disforge, a platform specializing in catering to specific niche communities. While smaller in size compared to others, with a monthly visitor count of around 33,000, Disforge offers a unique blend of features and affordability. Its paid ads option, priced at $15 per month, unlocks automatic bumps, propelling your server up the ranks and increasing visibility. This feature proved to be a game-changer for us, attracting six new members during our experimentation.

Disforge's niche focus is evident in its category system, which includes dedicated sections for trending topics like AI and NFT. This granular categorization allows servers to connect with highly targeted audiences interested in specific themes. Additionally, Disforge's impressive Discord server with close to 0.75 million users provides a significant platform for potential member acquisition.

While the website may appear cluttered with ads, Disforge's effectiveness in attracting members and its affordable pricing make it a compelling option for server owners seeking targeted growth. With its automatic bumps and niche focus, Disforge offers a valuable tool for reaching the right audience and expanding your community.

Discadia: Flying Under the Radar with High Traffic Potential

Our final exploration lands us at Discadia, a platform that quietly operates with surprisingly high traffic. Despite remaining largely under the radar, Discadia boasts a visitor count of approximately 640,000 per month, making it a significant player in the Discord listing space. With its affordable monthly subscription fee of $10, Discadia instantly emerges as a more attractive option compared to platforms like Disforge.

Discadia offers a unique sponsorship opportunity for $10 per month, allowing your server to appear prominently at the top of the search bar, maximizing visibility. This feature is particularly noteworthy considering the presence of other AI companies within the sponsor listings, highlighting the platform's potential for reaching your target audience.

Discadia's algorithm intricately revolves around bumping, placing emphasis on server owners actively promoting their communities. While a premium subscription at $10 per month allows you to bump your server every six hours instead of the standard twelve, maximizing this feature requires consistent manual effort.

In our experience with Discadia, we gained five new members despite not actively utilizing the bumping feature. This suggests that the platform's organic traffic and algorithm can be sufficient for attracting new members, particularly when paired with sponsorship opportunities.

Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Server

Having explored the intricacies of four popular Discord listing sites, we can conclude that the most suitable platform depends heavily on your server's unique goals and target audience.

For CommunityOne, whose primary purpose is supporting our Spark AI, paid advertising on these platforms may not be the most effective strategy. However, for AI-focused communities seeking to grow their Discord server, exploring "under the radar" options like Discadia and Disforge can yield promising results.

Discadia, with its high traffic potential and affordable sponsorship opportunities, offers a compelling option for attracting new members. Disforge, although smaller in size, provides a valuable tool for reaching niche audiences with its targeted categories and automatic bumping feature.

Ultimately, the key to success lies in understanding your target audience, selecting the right platform, and actively engaging with your community. Whether you choose to invest in paid advertising or rely on organic growth, remember that building a thriving Discord server takes time, dedication, and a genuine passion for fostering meaningful connections.