Part 3: Zealy vs Galx vs Wonderverse

Part 3: Zealy vs Galx vs Wonderverse

Part 2: How to run a zealy campaign

Discord is a popular platform for building web3 communities. We will go over what to choose between Zealy, Wonderverse and Galxe as a quest platform and how to choose the best quest discord bot. A great quest discord bot can significantly increase community engagement and conversion.

Here is what you will learn:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of Galxe, Wonderverse, and Zealy.
  • How to choose the right quest discord bot based on your specific needs.
  • The best practices for using these platforms to grow and engage your Discord community.

All quest platforms have the same functions on their websites:

Before looking at how these platforms are different, it is important to remember that Zealy, Wonderverse and Galxe essentially perform the same task on the website: ask new members to do a series of tasks (usually connect on Twitter, Discord, and YouTube) to get XP points to earn rewards, typically in the form of airdrop.

If your goal is to get new users, we recommend Zealy over Galxe:

From a pure top funnel growth perspective, both Galxe and Zealy are viable options. Both have pretty UI and a user discovery feature allowing members to join many campaigns simultaneously. However, Zealy has been gaining more traction, with 24K monthly visitors compared to Galxe's 19K.

Galxe's monthly visitors have stalled

Zealy monthly visitors continue to show strong traction

If you want to specifically target web3 users, Galxe >> Zealy

Galxe is a good choice if you're targeting web3 users. It requires a token deposit via Binance to verify your project, indicating a clear focus on the web3 community. Galxe also provides a lot more integration with on-chain data analytics.

Zealy, on the other hand, offers a more holistic solution. While most of the communities have a web3-spin, Zealy itself doesn't require you to integrate with any wallet solutions. In fact, in Zealy blogs talking about many case studies, majority of them are from major web2 brands.

Best setup experience for a community manager: Zealy

Unlike Galxe, Zealy and Wonderverse are more user-friendly and allow anyone to set up communities without requiring a token deposit. Galxe is tightly integrated with Binance, which is a big hurdle if you are a US-based company. Both Wonderverse and Zealy have easy-to-setup UI, but because Zealy provides a lot more templates, it wins this category.

Best quest templates: Zealy

Zealy offers a wide range of templates and quests, ranging from onboarding quests like following and liking on Twitter and joining a Discord server, to more product-driven ones like giving feedback. Since Zealy has been around for a while, over the years, it has done a good job to include all the cases that you can think of for community quest. We also like to give a shoutout to wonderverse as a later comer. While it doesn't have as much quest templates as Zealy on the platform, it does get the job done with most of the common quests. We are expecting them to add more templates as they grow.

Why you should have a quest Discord bot

While there are technical reasons to install a Quest Discord bot, such as helping to track invite stats or manage users' chat activities, the biggest reason to use one is conversion.

It is incredibly hard for any member to discover the latest features in their Discord communities, but quest Discord bots are a great solution for in-server discovery.

For example, you can use any quest platform to manage top-funnel growths. What happens when a user joins your server? He might have already followed your Twitter and done a series of tasks, including playing your games to get the initial set of rewards.

Now, you would want these new Discord users to continue engaging. Perhaps you want them to retweet all your messages, interact with your in-house Discord bots, download your app, and start staking their rewards to get more rewards. A nice quest Discord bot would keep your members alert on the latest developments and incentives.

Features to look out for in a great Discord bot:

A great discord bot should focus on making your new members experience better. This means that all features should focus around the end member rather than the project community manager. In some of the most popular bots, such as Tatsu, an obvious feature is a in-server leaderboard. A great quest discord bot serves as a good community xp system. Members should be able to use discord command to check their xp levels and most importantly, get access to other members stats so that they feel the need to constantly engage.

Wonderverse has the best Discord integrations

All three platforms offer Discord bot integration, but Zealy and Galxe focus more on back-end operations, such as manually giving or removing points. Wonderverse, on the other hand, shines in this area with its leaderboard feature. It allows members to see their progress, which is crucial for quest campaigns based on leaderboards.

Wonderverse also lets you set up any quest and automatically alerts users about upcoming quests. This feature can significantly enhance user engagement and keep your community active.

Most importantly, because Wonderverse is discord-centric, users can complete quests without leaving your discord server.

If you are looking for top funnel growth and ONLY want web3 users, go for Galxe

Galxe is a good choice if your community is focused on Web3 and you want to attract more new 'degen' users. It serves as an effective top funnel for Web3 communities. Some typical cases suitable for Galxe would be defi projects where the community managers want to attract only Web3 natives to their Discord servers. On the other hand, if you are a gaming server looking for both a Web3 and Web2 audience, choose Zealy instead.

Zealy is the best middle-ground solution

Zealy is a good choice if you're looking for a holistic solution. It offers top funnel growth and mid conversions and targets both Web2 and Web3 users. It has a pretty easy-to-use Discord bot and can also automatically alert you to any new quests.

Another important point is that Zealy and Galxe offer sprints, which can drive conversions and increase new user acquisition.

Wonderverse is the best discord solution and it cares about your community

Unlike Zealy, which drives traffic out of your discord, Wonderverse is the best choice if your primary concern is Discord community conversion. It gives you an opportunity to convert a new user into a superfan by asking that user to constantly engage in smaller tasks, such as following and commenting on your latest tweet.

The best quest platform combinations (Zealy + Wonderverse):

In our opinion, you can use whatever platforms for top-funnel growths, although Zealy is much more friendly to non-hard-core web3 natives. In practice, we've seen communities using both platforms and many more up-and-coming ones to attract new users.

However, Wonderverse is the only Discord-centric solution because it develops features for your community members to discover and continuously compete for different rewards. It is also the only bot that is not designed to drive your traffic away.

Next Steps

Now that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of Galxe, Wonderverse, and Zealy, you can decide which platform is best for your needs. Remember, the right quest platform can significantly enhance user engagement and help grow your community. So, take the time to explore these platforms and choose the one that best fits your community's needs.

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