Discord Moderator Guide: Roles & Responsibilities [Mod Growth Series Part 1]

Discord Moderator Guide: Roles & Responsibilities  [Mod Growth Series Part 1]

Discord moderators are a driving force in the success of every NFT project. In a high-performing discord server, moderators will masterfully mitigate concerns, engage users and handle support. In essence, mods play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between community members and the NFT founders. Having just one substandard mod can drastically undermine the trajectory of the project. For projects that are weeks away from minting, having strong moderators makes everything significantly easier. (Imagining rather than spending hours supervising everybody’s performance, you can actually focus on other parts of the projects knowing that you are in good hands!)

Therefore, it is crucial that project managers carefully monitor the conduct and efficacy of each mod on the team. Moderator has introduced several new features on the Analytics Dashboard that will provide project founders with a keen understanding of each mod’s performance.

Why measure performance?

There are a number of reasons why measuring moderator performance is paramount to the success of a NFT project. Encouraging positive performance while taking timely action to solve personnel problems can make the community building process significantly easier. If certain moderators are not greeting new users, it could typically take a week to recognize. By using the performance dashboard, this issue can be recognized in just one day.

Measuring performance can also tell managers how to better allocate resources. For instance, if certain mods are performing substantially better than others, it would be a good opportunity to consider promoting them to a position with higher responsibility. When we first introduce the mod performance tab, we are positively surprised by the number of mods who reach out wanting to learn how to read their performance dashboard.

Finally, measuring performance can bring about a positive work culture where mods feel motivated to check their performance skill and find ways to improve. If there is a standout moderator who is constantly outperforming their counterparts, other mods could seek to learn from the standout and subsequently strengthen their own operations. In addition, by acknowledging the outstanding individual performance, the project founder sends a powerful signal that they deeply care about everybody’s work quality and good deeds will be rewarded on time.

Feature update: Workload

The Workload feature provides an understanding of how much workload each moderator is doing. Depending on the shift schedule, we’ve come across cases where one mod is handling 4x more workload than the mod in the next shift.

Specifically, it is calculated by taking into account the number of tickets and the number of new users that a mod is tasked with during their given time shift. The workload score can help project founders in deciding which timezone to add and trim moderator man-power.

Feature update: Front-end performance

The front-end mod performance features denote the level of direct involvement that a mod has with community members. Discourse among the community members is essential, especially before a big launch. It is the responsibility of mods to facilitate conversations in order to foster interest and commitment to the project. To measure how well a moderator is doing, we measure (1) percentage of new users that they interact with (2) How many messages they sent out to the new users (3) percentage of recurring users that they interact with. While we retain the same calculation method as before, all the mod scores are now normalized over mods’ specific timeshifts such that everyone should aim for 100.

Feature update: Back-end performance

The back-end mod performance feature indicates how well a mod is handling tickets. A mod’s capability to provide quick and effective customer support is of utmost importance in an NFT discord. In the back-end performance dashboard, you can see how many tickets each individual mod has handled, along with the percentage of total tickets that each mod has handled. Finally, project founders can have a better understanding of where streamlining may be necessary seeing the percentage of tickets each mod handles in 10 minutes.

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