How to sell out your NFT collections in 2 mins - Part 2

How to sell out your NFT collections in 2 mins - Part 2

PART 1: How to sell out your NFT collections in 2 mins!

TL;DR: Poglin's NFT journey is a masterclass in community-driven success. Key strategies included: listening to and rapidly implementing community feedback, strategically timing hype build-up, and maintaining post-mint engagement with a calendar of events and new features.

Their approach highlights the significance of a responsive, evolving community in the NFT market, setting a high bar for success in this dynamic space.

In our first chapter on Poglin's success, we delved into their strategic community building, led by marketing expert Traeold. We saw how their unique approach to Twitter Spaces and Discord helped them amass a passionate following. Their story is a testament to the power of genuine connection in the digital realm.

Now, we turn the page to part two of our series. Here, our focus shifts to the exciting world of viral marketing and sustained community engagement in the NFT space. This segment aims to uncover the tactics Poglin used not just to spark interest, but to keep their community actively engaged and committed over time.

Going Viral: The Poglin Strategy:

Achieving virality in the digital space, especially in the NFT market, can seem like catching lightning in a bottle. For Poglin, the secret lay in maintaining consistent quality in their work. They focused on building their project steadily, ensuring every aspect was polished and engaging.

The Spark of Virality:

Then came the game-changing moment for Poglin: a tweet from a famous influencer. This single act of recognition was like a spark that ignited their growth. Almost overnight, Poglin's following leaped from virtually zero to a thousand as shown on our discord data analytics tool. This sudden surge in popularity highlighted the power of influencer engagement in achieving viral success.

Strategic Allow List Distribution:

In the world of NFTs, the "allow list" – a list of users granted early access to a new collection – is a crucial tool. Poglin adopted a unique approach to this. Rather than rushing to distribute their allow list, they chose a more deliberate path. The focus was on quality engagement over sheer numbers.

Rewarding True Engagement:

Poglin's strategy was to reward genuine, long-term interest. Instead of encouraging users to grind for a spot on the list, they recognized those who showed real passion for the project. This approach led to a staggering 97% intake rate for their allow list, far above the average of 15%. By giving out the allow list later in the phase and initially only to superfans, Poglin ensured a dedicated and enthusiastic base.

Community Character: The Foundation of Poglin

The essence of Poglin's community is best described as tight-knit and inclusive. From the outset, their focus was on creating a safe space where members could freely discuss NFTs, share personal stories, and simply hang out. This approach fostered a sense of camaraderie and trust within the community.

Building Hype at the Right Moment:

Poglin strategically delayed building hype until closer to the minting phase. This was a calculated move to ensure that the community's foundation was strong and based on genuine relationships. Once this was established, they ramped up the excitement, which was met with enthusiasm from a community already deeply invested in the project's success.

Prioritizing Community Feedback:

A key element in Poglin's success was their commitment to listening to their community. Understanding and responding to member feedback played a crucial role. They recognized that an engaged community is not just about numbers, but about fostering a space where members feel heard and valued.

Maintaining Engagement Post-Mint:

After a successful mint, the challenge shifts to keeping the community engaged. Poglin understood this and prepared a comprehensive plan to maintain interest and excitement among their members. A key strategy was the development of a detailed calendar filled with various events and product feature showcases.

Continual Innovation and Scheduling:

Poglin's team remained committed to innovation, consistently working on new features and updates. They recognized the importance of scheduling these developments effectively, ensuring that members always had something fresh to look forward to. This approach of regularly introducing new elements kept the community active and engaged, always anticipating what's next.

In conclusion, Poglin's journey from a successful NFT launch to maintaining an active and engaged community offers a blueprint for success in the digital realm. Their strategies, from listening and rapidly responding to community feedback to planning post-mint engagement activities, demonstrate a deep understanding of the importance of community in the NFT space. Poglin's approach of building a strong, responsive, and continually evolving community sets a standard for anyone looking to make a lasting impact in this dynamic market. As Poglin continues to innovate and engage with their community, they stand as a testament to the power of thoughtful, community-focused strategies in the world of NFTs.