How to sell out your NFT collections in 2 mins!

How to sell out your NFT collections in 2 mins!

How to sell out your NFT collections in 2 mins - Part 2

TLDR: Poglin's NFT success isn't just luck; it's a masterclass in community building. We uncovered how Poglin, backed by Animoca Brands, sold out their collection in under 2 min. Key takeaways: Building a genuine community in Discord, mastering Twitter Spaces, and growing in challenging times. Stay tuned for part two on viral growth and engagement!

In the ever-evolving world of NFTs, selling out a collection swiftly is a remarkable achievement. Poglin, a project endorsed by Animoca Brands, recently made headlines by selling over 5,600 NFTs in less than two minutes in December. This feat is a testament to the power of effective data-driven community building and marketing strategies in the NFT space. To uncover the secrets behind this success, we had the opportunity to speak with Traeold, the head of marketing and community at Poglin. Here are the invaluable lessons from Poglin's journey, providing a roadmap for anyone looking to sell out a large NFT collection.

Poglins are fascinating supernatural creatures living in a world called Haven. These creatures vary in their appearances, with each being distinct and special. Poglins belong to one of six different tribes. Every tribe has unique traits that make them stand out. They are an essential part of Haven's ecosystem, contributing to its diversity and balance.

In the world of Haven, Poglins aren't just for show; they're warriors. Players collect these creatures, train them, and form powerful teams for battles. Each Poglin can follow a unique path of evolution, unlocking new abilities. This makes playing with Poglins a thrilling experience full of surprises.


Traeold, known for his expertise in community building, has an impressive background. Before entering the world of NFTs, he was instrumental in creating one of the largest Asian networking communities. This experience gave him a deep understanding of what it takes to bring people together and foster a sense of belonging and connection.

Traeold's journey didn't stop there. He dove into the dynamic world of NFTs, joining numerous NFT projects. His involvement in various NFT communities provided him with a wealth of experience, learning what works and what doesn't in this rapidly growing field. This unique perspective has been crucial in his role at Poglin, where he applies these insights to build and nurture the community.

Growing the First 10K Discord Members:

Building a substantial community on Discord is no small feat. Traeold reveals that the key to growing Poglin's initial 10,000 members was consistent engagement. For six months, without fail, he hosted daily discussions on Twitter Spaces. This dedication created a platform for continuous interaction and connection with the community. In fact, we notice that many blue-chip projects all had a humble beginning. 

The Power of Persistence and Engagement:

Traeold's approach wasn't just about hosting discussions; it was also about being actively present. He made it a point to like every single post related to Poglin. In the early stages, this required immense dedication and hard work. However, this persistence paid off by gradually building early support and laying a strong foundation for the community.

Mastering Twitter Spaces:

Twitter Spaces can be a powerful tool for community building, but it requires the right approach. Traeold emphasizes the importance of genuine connections. The goal is to make friends, not just followers. By sharing your journey authentically, without pressuring or asking too much from the audience, you create a space of trust and interest.

Building in the Bear Market:

A unique aspect of Poglin's story is its growth during a bear market, a time when many had faced financial losses. Traeold points out that those who remained were true believers, passionate about the NFT space despite the challenges. His approach was to be honest and compassionate, recognizing the shared struggles and focusing on building a supportive community. If you are interested in learning how other projects starting out in the bear market, check out our story here

Hosting Your Own Twitter Space:

When it comes to hosting your own Twitter Space, timing and strategy are key. Traeold advises waiting until you have a community foundation. Poglin's journey started small, with just 20 participants. Gradually, the numbers doubled, then quadrupled, eventually reaching an impressive 400 members. Consistency in content was crucial, but the real game-changer was the atmosphere created within these spaces.

Creating a Safe and Open Space:

The secret to Poglin's successful Twitter Spaces wasn't just the content; it was the environment they cultivated. The focus was on making it a safe space where members felt comfortable sharing their struggles and experiences. This openness transformed the Spaces from mere discussions into platforms for real connection and support.

In summary, the journey of Poglin and the insights from Traeold offer valuable lessons in community building, especially in the dynamic world of NFTs. From understanding the significance of genuine connections in Twitter Spaces to strategically growing a community from the ground up, these strategies highlight the importance of authenticity and perseverance. As we wrap up this part of our exploration, stay tuned for the next installment where we delve into the secrets of going viral and keeping members engaged. The upcoming section promises to unlock further strategies to maintain a vibrant and active community, ensuring your project not only captures attention but also sustains it.