Yes, Skittles has a discord

Yes, Skittles has a discord

Does everyone need to use Discord? - Part 2

TL;DR: The Skittles discord,  which was founded during COVID, represents a unique blend of brand interaction and fan-driven passion. The server is moderated by a group of carefully selected staff, with a focus on security. It serves as a real-time trend-spotting tool for Skittles' marketing, producing content for social media posts through online forums. This vibrant network not only promotes fan connections but also has a direct impact on Skittles' online visibility.

Have you ever wondered how the Skittles Discord community got started? What do they do, and how does that fit into Skittles' marketing strategy? Today, Michael Italia, the director of the Mars Wrigley Social Content Studio, and I will be delving further into these inquiries. We'll examine how a small group of sugar lovers developed into a bustling Discord server. We'll also discover how important it is for the community to share the identity that Skittles embodies and to preserve the brand's relevancy and involvement. 

Grassroots initiatives always lead to the best communities.

The Skittles Discord expedition is the pinnacle of adaptability during COVID-19. Skittles realized how crucial it was to maintain a strong feeling of community as more and more people went online. Discord turned out to be the ideal platform because it was already a meeting spot for discussions regarding Skittles, particularly among followers on Twitter. This modification followed a broader pattern: during the pandemic, Discord use increased dramatically, especially among Gen-Z users, who continued to use the site long after it was discontinued.

This wasn't merely a top-down strategic decision; grassroots campaigns by fans who were adamant about having a dedicated Skittles server were the driving force behind it. Michael showed amazing vision and dedication to the community by seizing this opportunity. To get Mars' approval, careful planning was not enough; internal teams also needed to be trained on the value and possibilities of this novel project. This was no simple task—integrating a grassroots concept into a professional brand marketing plan requires a great deal of effort and commitment. 

Is it possible to identify the average skittle enthusiast? 

Skittles are unique, but what really sets them apart is their ability to adapt to the individual characteristics of the people in the community. According to Michael, the members ought to accept the "Skittles personality." or "a little [of] unpredictable, ridiculous humor." The fans discuss a wide range of topics, such as LGBTQ+ issues, even if they are recurrent themes.

It's surprising to see how much in common the Skittles community is with gamers. A lot of individuals play Minecraft and Fortnite to the limit. In order to fuel this passion, Skittles engages with fans on Twitch. By shouting out to community members during game nights on twitch, they improve the bond between the brand and its fans. By building an environment that faithfully represents the personality and interests of the community, Skittles has proved the unexpected but suitable crossover between gaming and Skittles.

The backstage work requires a lot of labor.

Skittles is very careful with moderator selections. While many fans are willing to help, Skittles favors members who are considerate and accountable. They favor people who have a deep understanding of the principles of the community. These carefully selected moderators undergo specialized training  to ensure they are able to serve the community's needs. Michael's promptness serves as a wonderful example. In less than a minute, he replied to my original message on their Discord!

Furthermore, Skittles works very hard to maintain a respectful and secure environment on their Discord service. To prevent spam and malicious information, links are prohibited and strict permissions controls are implemented. When it comes to self-promotion, the group is particularly cautious to ensure that the communal space isn't utilized for personal gain. 'Mini-modding,' or individuals assuming moderator-like responsibilities or powers, is one of the peculiar guidelines they use. This maintains the boundaries of authority and responsibility, which is essential for a well-organized online community.

Listen and then create content for your community

The Discord community is a goldmine of content producers. This platform functions as both a discussion forum and a real-time trend detection tool. Fans actively share what's going on, suggest people to respond to on Twitter, and even highlight mentions of Skittles on platforms like TikTok. Because they provide Skittles with a clear view into what's intriguing and popular right now, these insights are invaluable.

One intriguing aspect is the community's gaming discussions. Michael, who participates in the community actively, often finds inspiration in these conversations. He creates fresh content for Twitter and other social media platforms based on these insights. The greater performance of tweets that are generated by community debates indicates a true relationship between the interests of the community and increased audience involvement.

Over the years, Michael has discovered a lot of the creative community's admirers. These fans are now crucial to Skittles' ability to produce fresh material. Skittles uses the creativity of the community and fosters a better sense of community among its members through their involvement. This cooperative strategy blurs the lines between brand and community, turning fans into contributors and boosting Skittles' social media presence.

In conclusion, the first round of our research into the Skittles Discord group has shown the effectiveness and richness of this vibrant online community. The community, which grew from its modest beginnings during COVID-19 to its cautious moderation, is a living testament of Skittles' resilience and adherence to safety. In addition, the server functions as a hub for discussion forums and content creation, both of which influence Skittles' overall marketing strategy. In the upcoming Part 2, we will examine how Skittles cultivates a mutually beneficial connection with its members. We'll talk about the true meaning of community, which goes beyond communication and social contact to include creating a space where everyone is valued and heard. Keep checking back for more information on this dynamic community.