Does everyone need to use Discord?

Does everyone need to use Discord?

PART 1: Yes, Skittles has a discord

TL;DR: The Skittles Discord community is proof of the value of sincere human connection and involvement, and it goes beyond being merely a promotional tool. By means of cautious moderation, refraining from commercial content, and prioritizing member experiences, Skittles has established a platform that underscores security and interpersonal relationships, thereby demonstrating the significant influence that a well-managed community can have on the company and its clientele.

Once again, welcome to our in-depth exploration of the Skittles Discord community! In this second section, we're going to concentrate on how Skittles gives back to its customers, highlighting the advantages that everyone in this active community shares. Here, it goes beyond simply having a passion for candies to include fostering an environment where participants feel appreciated and essential to the Skittles universe.

It's crucial to give back.

One of the main features of the Skittles Discord experience is giving back to the community. Knowing how committed its users are, Skittles frequently goes above and beyond simple chats and exchanges within the server. As a thank you, they drop unique merchandise to their members. 

But the most meaningful acts are the ones that the community finds most relatable. For devoted fans, a mention from Skittles can mean a lot, particularly on social media sites like Twitter. This includes expressing gratitude to Skittles community Twitch streamers. Skittles honors its members and aids in their online presence-building by bringing attention to these streamers. 

Give love and care instead of money.

Offering material prizes like Discord Nitro or other things with a monetary value is a common practice. Monetary reward is hard because it becomes a matter of whether a member’s involvement is sincere or just motivated by the possibility of compensation. Recognition and the sense of being seen and heard in the community are frequently what fans want for most.

Knowing this, Skittles concentrates on using their distinctive brand assets to help the community in more direct and meaningful ways. Within a community full of streamers and gamers, a shoutout is quite important. Members genuinely value the consideration and care that go into these actions, not just the chance for recognition. By putting meaningful participation ahead of financial rewards, Skittles promotes a more genuine and cohesive sense of community.

Humans are the foundation of community.

The essence of the Skittles community is in genuine human ties. Michael frequently draws attention to the enduring friendships he has built with his members. He has been there for them through all of their major life events, from starting graduate school to graduating and starting new jobs. These tales highlight the fundamental qualities of the community, which are sincere human connections and common experiences rather than just a love of Skittles.

The Skittles Discord group stands out as a haven of authenticity in the continual barrage of content and glorified lifestyles that Gen-Z is faced with in today's digital world. In a world where people feel more and more alone and shallow, this community offers a unique place where individuals may be themselves without the influence of others. For lovers of Skittle, it's a haven where genuine connections are forged, away from the sometimes deafening din of social media.

This has nothing to do with selling.

This strategy differs greatly from conventional marketing methods. Michael brings up the fact that Skittles hardly ever directly promotes anything on their Discord server. Rather, the emphasis is on encouraging participation and giving members the flexibility to express themselves. Members are encouraged to engage in actual conversation, get to know one another, and create a community that goes beyond simple brand interaction in this setting. It stands in sharp contrast to the methods used by many big corporations, where marketing frequently seems to be shouting into thin air with little to no audience understanding or connection.

If you're considering creating a discord server,

Discord works best for brands that are truly dedicated to growing their community; it's not a one-size-fits-all answer. To achieve this correctly, you must first provide enough resources to guarantee both safety and optimal operation. This entails providing moderators with extensive training and creating an organized atmosphere. But even more important than resources is steadfast dedication. Establishing a community requires time and work. The real benefit is seeing members share their life experiences—from joys to sorrows—which builds a strong bond of trust.

Taking care of a Discord community has a special and incredibly satisfying payoff. If you were to build up a server and then neglect it for a month, it would probably become chaotic. A well-run community, on the other hand, enables you to truly witness the results of your labors. You learn how your actions impact actual people's lives by connecting faces and personal narratives with your brand. Establishing a direct connection with your audience is extremely useful as it provides a more meaningful and human perspective on the accomplishments of your business, beyond conventional criteria of success.

To sum up, the Skittles Discord community is a prime example of the effectiveness of human-centered marketing interaction. It's an environment where genuineness, safety, and interpersonal relationships are more important than simple marketing campaigns. Companies who make this kind of community investment not only develop a devoted following of consumers, but they also foster an environment where brand loyalty and real life coexist, fostering a deeper understanding and enduring bonds.